Here is what you will notice in your body once you start eating 2 eggs everyday

Eggs are among the most versatile foods out there. Not only are there many ways to cook them, but they allow you to make a wide array of dishes. Eggs are amongst the healthiest foods one could consume, and their taste is nothing to scoff at either.

Eggs are rich in healthy fats, amino acids, and antioxidants. They are also brimming with choline, which is useful for losing weight due to its fat-burning property. As rich as they are in nutrients, eggs are indubitably up there with garlic in the multiple benefits department, and it only gets better. As it seems, consuming 2 eggs a day has many more benefits on the body than one would think, of which we present you 9:

Cerebral improvement

According to several studies, consuming two eggs on a daily basis improves your cognitive prowess, declines the brain’s aging process, and boosting the brain’s functions and development. Mothers should give their toddlers eggs so as to help them develop their cognitive abilities, muscle control and processes a lot quicker.

Eyesight maintenance

Eggs are rich in lutein, a substance belonging to the carotenoid family that help improve vision and preserve it. The consumption of two eggs a day will maintain the health of the eye and keep your vision at an optimal level. As a bonus, lutein is also a small dose of immortality, granting your eyesight more time before succumbing to senility, and your skin more time before it wrinkles.

Calcium consumption

Eggs are an oval factory of vitamin D, which is quite useful for our bones’ healthy. Vitamin D contributes in improving the bones’ density and strength, making them harder to break and stronger against time and weather.

Also, consuming eggs on a daily basis improves the body’s ability to absorb calcium, which is why they are so good for the body in the long term.

Hair, skin and liver safety

Suffice to say, eggs are god’s finest work, for not only do they improve your body’s functions, but they also work on your hair and skin, protecting them from skin diseases that would alter the skin’s pigmentation and hair loss by supplying the body with its daily dose of vitamin B, which is also incredibly useful for protecting the liver from any diseases.

Protection from cardiovascular diseases

Eggs are rich in phospholipids, which are effective in keeping cholesterol at a moderate level. According to several studies, consuming eggs on a daily basis does not increase the risk of conducting a cardiovascular disease, but rather decreases it.

Weight loss

As mentioned earlier, eggs, most notably egg yolks, are rich in choline amino acids, which are the best substances for burning unnecessary fat. Despite containing plenty of proteins, that does not mean that eggs will get you fat. In fact, they will actually help you lose weight by filling you up faster and accelerating your metabolism by means of the amino acids.

Anti-cancer food

Eggs, as has been discovered in several studies, reduce the risk of conducting cancer once consumed daily. As it seems, the risk drops by 24% for breast cancer, which is why women are often encouraged to consume eggs on the daily so as to decrease the risk of such a serious disease. An experiment has shown that women who eat up to 6 eggs during the week lowered their chances of developing a tumor by almost 50%.

Fertility and pregnancy

Eggs are rich in acids, most notably folic acid. Also known as vitamin B9, folic acid helps decrease sperm anomalies, and increases the spermatozoid count by a 100%. Dieticians advise their patients who want to get pregnant as soon as possible to include foods rich in folic acids to their daily meals, with eggs at the top of the list.

Eggs also bolster the fetus’s growth during pregnancy by a huge margin thanks to their large amounts of folic acid they contain that contributes into DNA replication.

Slow aging

If somebody ever tells you that there is no potion of immortality, take him to a hen farm. Eggs are infamous for slowing down the aging process by virtue of containing an abnormal amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps get rid of wrinkles, and Lutein and zeaxanthin, both found in eggs, help improve eyesight as well as decreasing the speed of the aging of your eyes.