Family Thought They Adopted A ‘Dog’, But When The Vet Sees It He Calls The Police

In a quaint Vermont town, a young family, Tomlinson, struggled to heal from recent sorrows. The loss of their beloved family pet, Max, left a void in their hearts after eleven years of cherished memories together.

Billy and Erica, hoping to bring some joy back into their lives, decided to adopt a new dog. They settled on getting a playful pitbull puppy, as their four-year-old son, Alex, had set his heart on one.

The Tomlinsons, unfamiliar with the world of breeding, turned to the internet to find a licensed breeder. Their search led them to two breeders, and they planned a weekend trip to meet them. But destiny had other plans.

The first breeder felt off right from the start. The living conditions for the dogs seemed uncomfortable, and the pricing raised suspicions. The second breeder, while cleaner, had already sold their last two puppies online. Disheartened, the family decided to return home and regroup.

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