Groom Surprises His Bride With The “Purrfect” Gift At Their First Look Wedding Photo Shoot!

uys! When Orion texted me to tell me his plan, I was at work and I squealed, but I had to keep my composure in front of my patients, haha! This was the hardest secret to keep from Kaylee!!”, Photographer Megan (whose “day job” happens to be as an amazing registered nurse) posted.

But why was Orion’s plan of including a kitten in their first look photoshoot different than others who include animals?

Well, here’s the backstory shared online. This alone shows the depths of his love for Kaylee. We should all be so lucky!

Kaylee and Orion purchased their first home together just a few months ago. While Orion wasn’t the biggest fan of indoor pets, Kaylee was an avid cat lover. [She] couldn’t imagine leaving her family cat when she moved to her new home with Orion.

(Kaylee’s original cat, Nala, is at her parent’s house and is the family cat! Orion did not make her leave her! Nala was a rescue as well and is her family’s cat. She is still happy and healthy in her original home.)

Orion had a change of heart and went to go adopt a new kitten at the shelter to surprise her with at the wedding because she would definitely not be expecting it.

But his plan did have a MAJOR hiccup in its early stages.

When Orion went to adopt a kitten at a local shelter, his application was rejected! I do have to say that I applaud the shelter’s strict policies for adoption.

Perhaps they need to review each case on a more personal level? Regardless, fate wasn’t going to stand by without interjecting. As with many other cases, when the time is right, the cat meant for you will find YOU.

When the shelter turned him down because he mentioned giving it as a wedding present, it was fate that two abandoned kittens were found near his home!