Groom Surprises His Bride With The “Purrfect” Gift At Their First Look Wedding Photo Shoot!

Seeing these types of first look photographs is like witnessing a miracle though. 

When moments like these are captured on film, the true love radiating from the faces–human or not–is inspiring. It makes you WANT to believe in love, in the good of people and in the unconditional love of family and animals. If it doesn’t, feel free to keep looking at them until your heart thaws! 

They set up the shoot with Kaylee facing away from Orion’s direction. Her stunning lace gown and veil trailed delicately behind her.

Orion slowly walks to his waiting bride, overwhelmed with her beauty and the fluffy surprise he holds in his hands.

Only they will know what he whispered to the unsuspecting kitten during their journey.  

 As Kaylee turned, the sweet shock can be seen through foggy, watery eyes.